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Big Sleepy's Benefit Show ft. Dream Cult & More


Big Sleepy's
208 W Capitol St 39201 Jackson United States
Okay, so here's what's up: We are being told we have to pay $1,020 by July 1st for licensing rights. There are clubs even here in Jackson who have been shut down for violating this licensing law. We don't want to get shut down. We've done everything in our power to keep shows and our beer cheap so everyone can enjoy them. It seems like everything is hitting us at once. May was slow. We're trying to buy an AC. Now we're trying to avoid a lawsuit. I assure you, it wouldn't end well for us. So this show will go to help pay that licensing fee, and anything left over will go toward an air conditioner. The show is free; we are asking for donations. It would mean the world to us if you could share the event, invite your friends, roll out, whatever you want to do to contribute. The licensing agreement is almost essential for us to continue as a venue. We want bands to be able to play covers. We want to be able to play "Started From the Bottom" between sets to make us feel like we're doing better than we really are. We want bigger bands to be able to play our space. We want to move forward. If you can help in any way, we'll take it. We aren't giving up. We've pushed too hard to get to where we are now.

Dream Cult (local alternative rock)

Finding Peace In Gunshots (local alt)

Alex Fraser (local folk)

Lisbon Deaths (dream rock)


Doors: 8pm
Show: 8:30pm